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Mens Rings Outlet was created by a couple of friends who have a passion for delivering quality jewellery at affordable prices. We met while working for one of the larger jewellery stores. Having worked in the industry for years in roles varying from sales to management, we understand the industry inside out.

The market barriers to entry are usually difficult in jewellery due to the large upfront investments in capital, and stock which is why competition is relatively limited and the margins traditionally ginormous.  We knew and founded our successful range of quality mens rings by focusing on whats more important when it comes to mens jewellery- Quality, Durability, Style and Affordability.

Backed by loans from friends and family, Mens Rings Outlet started off with humble beginnings and mainly selling by word of mouth and referrals from friends and family. Today we are proud to have been part of numerous weddings across New Zealand and the world over.


Mens Rings Outlet Rings

True to our philosophy, before we list a new ring on our website, we ensure that one of our jewellery specialists here at Mens Rings Outlet has tried, and tested the comfort, and durability of the ring by wearing it for atleast a week (day and night) to test its durability, resistance to every day wear.


About Tungsten Carbide

Most or almost all of Mens Rings Outlet rings are made of Tungsten Carbide, and there is a very good reason why we have picked this over other metals. Tungsten Carbide is traditionally an industrial alloy that has of late been very popular for mens rings and is fast growing as the preferred metal for mens rings and wedding bands.

Tool tungsten is traditionally coarse and hard and graded for making abrasive tips, drills, and other tooling equipment where great strength is needed.  Tungsten is graded between a 7.5- 8 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, a standard measure of material hardness; while Tungsten Carbide, the compound we use is rated a 9 on the scale, next only to the hardness of diamonds.

Tungsten Carbide is by far one of the most durable minerals for its virtually scratch proof for every day use.  Having worked in the trade for years, we observed that generally, men are either more clumsy or pay less attention to jewellery which meant they mark or scratch quite easily. A gentleman once came in after a weekend of sports and his less than a month old gold ring had looked over a decade old and was buffed off and put back into shape.

We understood that Tungsten Carbide would never pose this problem and would require hardly any maintenance. In fact the only care or maintenance that we recommend is to wipe the ring clean with a polishing cloth to remove a marks or smudges, to restore it to its brand new look.

Purest and Truest Materials

We started making jewellery for our nearest and dearest- friends and family and just like you would, we only wanted to give them the best.  We have grown our circle of friends and family, to include you, our customer, and can assure you that our rings are still made with the same trueness and pureness in mind.

We stand for quality and value, however this does not mean we cut corners in what goes into our rings. In  fact, besides having the best jewellery graded tungsten carbide mixed to the ideal proportion of 85.7% TC ( Quality grade for rating the flexural strength for Tungsten Carbide) our rings are extra thick, at between 2.2~2.3mm thickness so that they maintain their structural integrity. Moreover unlike many other retail outlets, we do not believe in using the irritant cobalt in our rings, which is considered a nasty binder in the trade.


Ready to Ship Rings

We make sure our rings are in stock, whenever wherever possible. While I used to work at a retail jewellery store, a gentleman once came in on a Sunday morning shopping for a wedding ring. He only had one requirement- which was a ring that fits, and the reason? It was his wedding in a couple of hours. As he was leaving, he asked me, “Do you think there’s a place open around here where I can buy some new socks?”

So in all, we understand, that there are men who are organised, and who can pre plan, and then there are men (many) like the chap above, and then there are men( most) who shop 10 days before their wedding. While they are a priority, for many reasons men like to leave it to the last minute, and this we totally understand.

By ensuring that we have our rings in stock, so they can be shipped out the next working day, so be it for a wedding, or a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday, you will have your ring in time.  Please note that occasionally we may sell out of a particular style in a particular size, only because we’ve sold more rings than were prepared or planned for. If this ever happens, we will call you to discuss an alternative.


An Activity We( You+Us) Support


We want to make a difference. We want men to feel and look great, by wearing our rings, and we still want to be able to do this by making it affordable for all men. At the same time, we also want to help the welfare of more men wherever possible.

A subject that greatly affects the both of us at Mens Rings Outlet, is the subject of finding outselves stranded as a man. We have all experienced it, yet, our upbringing shows us to be hard, to be “manly” resilient, bite the bullet, and toughen up.  Yet, it is only human to have to face fear, anger and sadness. We are proud to support Mens Health NZ, who offers a support line, and free support from trained counsellers someone who lends a ear when you need to talk.

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