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Mens Wedding Rings- Should’nt  just be Good Looking!

They Should Last A Life Time

There is nothing wrong in paying a fancy price for a high end wedding ring. But what if it doesnt serve the prime purpose of a wedding ring? To be durable and comfortable for every day wear!

Men’s Wedding Rings


“I totally love my ring. I know I shouldn’t but I cant stop trying it on every now and then. The wedding is 2 months away but I cant resist wearing the ring to try on every now and then. You guys are great and thank you for the super fast delivery.”


The very reason Mens Rings Outlet was born is because we found out that men were really missing out on style and quality at affordable prices when it came to jewellery.

A-Marvel-2-1Mens Rings Outlet was founded by two friends who bumped in to each other working for one of the largest jewellery retailers in the country. We could clearly see a huge gap in the mens rings market.

Overwhelmed after having endured the process of buying engagment ring for their partner, men were often drained to worry about research and were dished out whatever was on offer, at prices most jewellers deemed fit.

Often this meant throwing metals and diamonds out to create what sold with good margins. We knew men totally deserved better that this.

Durability and comfort was our primary concern- Often these two dont go together. Our philsophy is a wedding ring should be comfortable enough for you to wear every day, at the same time it should be durable enough to last a lifetime.

Quality does not have to outrageously priced. True, that some people who believe that the pedigree of a material is what defines value. But our rings boast to be equal or better than any high street jeweller in Australia.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. We believe that you will be astounded by the value and quality that you get at Mens Rings Outlet. If our rings have’nt done that for you, simple- you deserve your money back!

Extra Thick & Made for Everyday Wear

Our Tungsten Rings are extra thick in comparison, and range from between 2.2~2.3mm thick which adds to their structural integrity and durability.

Quality without a Hefty Price Tag

We wanted to make sure we give you, our customer the best possible value out there in wedding rings.  Expect nothing less than what you would from a high street Jeweller yet at prices that are realistic, down to earth and affordable.

Dont just take our word for it. All our rings come with a 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee.

No fine prints.

Our Best Selling Wedding Bands


A Marvel features an 8mm wide domed band that is predominantly polished but with a wide brushed stripe right through the entire centre of the band.

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Balance portays an elegant balance between polished band and the accentuating brushed band in the centre,  is 8mm wide and features a raised centre.

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This amazing 8mm wide ring gives you an ultra modern look with the black, blue and white twills in a wide carbon fiber inlay that is set onto a fully polished bevelled edge.

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